SAGADULA music comprises both traditional songs and play/exercise/educational songs composed specifically for SAGADULA. The music is based on the latest findings in musical education research and has been skilfully adapted to each age group. The CDs are recorded by top professional musicians (André Desponds, piano; Martin Lehman, Anais Chen, violin; Rebecca Greuter, flutes; Toby Frey, percussion, mallet instruments, piano; Jonas Guggenheim, accordion, etc.). The songs are written by Gerda Bächli, Toby Frey and Daniela Vogt-Koenig. Any commercial use of SAGADULA music requires a licence.


SAGADULA CDs are exclusively available from SAGADULA (CHF 25.00 per CD)
SAGADULA also sells all of the MusicVision CDs (CHF 25.00 per CD)


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